Grizzly Feeder

Project Description:

Grizzly Feeder


The Maruti vibrating grizzly feeders are Ideal for removing undersized rock and ore from feed material before primary crushing equipment. Designed and manufactured for the toughest applications capable of delivering high capacity and the ability to process abrasive material in various applications. Detail feedback from the clients end is collected which enables us to design the equipment as per the clients need. Each and every design aspects are considered while designing the equipment which results in manufacturing most efficient vibrating equipment.


The vibrators are the main component of the vibrating grizzly feeder equipments. As a standard two unbalanced motors or double eccentric shafts are used for producing the vibration. These vibratos are one of the best available in the market and meet all the international quality standards.


The trough of the vibrating grizzly feeder is subjected to maximum loads and stresses, hence high quality standards are observed during its fabrication. Prime quality steel plates are used and are stressed relieved after the fabrication and welding of the trough. Bed and the sides are lined with abrasion resistant plates which enhance the life and reduce the down time of the equipment.

Bearings and Lubrication

Custom made with particular geometry, specially designed to support both high radial and axial loads. All vibrators are lubricated in the factory and do not require further lubrication if used in normal operating conditions. In heavy duty operating conditions periodical re-lubrication (greasing) may be applied.

Grizzly Bars

The Maruti can provide various types of grizzly bars as per the application. Grizzly bars can be fabricated from HARDOX abrasion resistant steel plates or can be made from abrasion resistant alloy steel casting. Grizzly bars gap setting can be easily adjusted and are replaceable.

Features of Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

• Custom designed & built
• Designed for maximum efficiency & output
• Heavy duty unbalanced Vibro motors
• Adjustable amplitude of vibration
• Heavy duty, rugged construction
• Stress Relieved
• Adjustable & replaceable grizzly bars
• Easy to maintain & operate
• Abrasion resistant lined bed and side plates.
• Abrasion resistant grizzly bars