Rotary Screen

Project Description:

Rotary screen


Rotary screening machine is commonly used in fertilizer production plant, mainly for the separation of product,
but also to achieve the finished grade, finished evenly to classification. A modular screen, ease of maintenance and replacement,
simple structure, easy operation, smooth operation.


Rotary screening machine can be used in building material, sand, chemical product, compound and organic fertilizer and so on.According to the granules’ size,


Material feed in screen’s Hooper that travel with rotation according machine. The Rotary screening machine can be divided into three stages of discharging fine particle, finished material and sub-block material.


Simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance, low operation cost, high crushing ratio.

Main Structure

Rotary screen is mainly consisted by frame, Centre shaft, belt pulley, Gear Box, Heavy Bearings, guard covering plate Heavy base Frame.


Specifications Body(mm) Rotary Speed Power Capacity Outer Size Length*Width*Height
(Diameter) (Length) (r/min) (kw) (t/h) (mm)
MRS10*30 1000 3000 22 1.5 1-3 3500×1400×2200
MRS12*45 1200 4500 17 4 3-5 5700×1600×2400
MRS15*50 1500 5000 14 7.5 5-10 6860×1900×2810
MRS16*60 1600 6000 12 11 10-20 7300×2000×3000
MRS12*40 1200 4000 16 4 20-25 5200×600×2360